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Java : Collection Framework : TreeMap (HeadMap Inclusive)

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import java.util.SortedMap;
import java.util.TreeMap;

 * Example of headMap(K toKey,boolean inclusive) method.
public class TreeMapExample
    public static void main( String[] args )

        TreeMap<Integer, String> treeMap = new TreeMap<Integer, String>();

        treeMap.put(10, "Cat");
        treeMap.put(50, "Dog");
        treeMap.put(30, "Apple");
        treeMap.put(40, "Ball");
        treeMap.put(20, "Eagle");

        System.out.println("treeMap : " + treeMap + "\n");

         * Returns a view of the portion of this map whose keys are less than
         * (or equal to, if inclusive is true) toKey. The returned map is backed
         * by this map, so changes in the returned map are reflected in this
         * map, and vice-versa. The returned map supports all optional map
         * operations that this map supports.
        SortedMap<Integer, String> sortedMap = treeMap.headMap(40, false);

        System.out.println("sortedMap [inclusive is false] : " + sortedMap
                + "\n");

        sortedMap = treeMap.headMap(40, true);

        System.out.println("sortedMap [inclusive is true] : " + sortedMap
                + "\n");

treeMap : {10=Cat, 20=Eagle, 30=Apple, 40=Ball, 50=Dog}

sortedMap [inclusive is false] : {10=Cat, 20=Eagle, 30=Apple}

sortedMap [inclusive is true] : {10=Cat, 20=Eagle, 30=Apple, 40=Ball}
To Download TreeMapDemoHeadMapInclusive Project Click the below link

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