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How to filter the names whose length is greater than 4 using Java 8 streams | Streams in Java 8

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import java.util.Arrays;

 * If you have an array of strings, and you want to create a subset of
 * it which contains only those strings whose length is more than four
 * characters,then use below program.
 * How to filter the names whose length is greater than 4?
public class StreamDemo
    public static void main(String[] args)
        String[] nameArray = new String[] { "Peter", "Steve", "paul","Ram" };

        Stream<String> stream =;

         * The filter method expects a lambda expression as its
         * argument. However, the lambda expression passed to it must
         * always return a boolean value, which determines whether or
         * not the processed element should belong to the resulting
         * Stream object.
        Stream<String> filteredStream = stream.filter(name -> name.length() > 4);

        String[] filteredNameArray = filteredStream.toArray(String[]::new);

        for (String name : filteredNameArray)


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